2017 Model UN Conference

High School Level and Tertiary Level

Inorder to prepare the next crop of United Nations Managers, IIMUN is organizing an international model United Nations conference. A Model UN conference is a simulation of the UN systems, and other Multilateral Bodies. Young people from around the world are invited to the Institute of Public Administration and Management in Freetown, to engage in an intensive replicated UN sessions. They will step into the shoes of international Diplomats from UN member states and act on their behalf through a lens of current event. The theme for the 2017 conference is: Global Citizenship. 

IIMUN2017 conference aims to foster global citizenship in our youth by educating them on current and relevant issues that the United Nations and international community is facing and to equip them with the skills to research, negotiate, and resolve those issues together. All topics discussed at IIMUN are current items being considered by the UN itself on its Agenda, and participants are taught to prepare with UN resources and documentation in online webinars prior to the conference. With students coming from different countries and IIMUN’s Secretariat members at home and abroad, together, this conference will be one of the most simulated Model UN conference in Africa.

The conference is scheduled for 1st - 4th November 2017


Mailing Address:
3 AJ Momoh Street, Tower Hill, Freetown Sierra Leone-West Africa
Institute of Public Administration and Management-University of Sierra Leone.

Email: iimunitednations@gmail.com

+232 78 816 515 Sierra Leone
+234 706 787 0387 Nigeria
+231 77 636 9562 Liberia